Working with me

My role in working with businesses over the years has usually been in a support role. Most clients may be unaware I am independent, as I operate with agencies as part of their team.

This type of autonomy is good for smaller companies, who can produce the projects clients need with a smaller overhead. Being a team player has been a staple since I became a US Marine.


Looking to launch a new business?
Expand or realign your existing business?

I work with clients to provide structure. Creating an action plan for your Day-to-Day.

Effective structure, milestones and follow through, can equal success.


for more than 15 years I have provided intimate services for a diverse clientele for business and personal needs.

From a basic headshot, to a Family gathering or 300 person annual corp. celebration, I have worked at most of the Westchester Venues.


Starting my career in Web site development, working in most areas of Marketing over the years.

I work with clients to identify areas marketing opportunities fitting their business plan and goals timelines.

Web, Print, Online.

Are you looking to add video media to your marketing plan

20 plus years experience producing video. From Camera operation to full production team, you would be in good hands.

I plan production to maximize budgets, and can customize budget and get creative to bring your vision to life.

a video can add life to your website, A Cell-Phone can not bring you the professionalism your Brand needs

Giving Back.

I have donated my time to the March of Dimes. I shoot their Events every year, creating Videos as needed.

I spent 14 years with Habitat for Humanity of Westchester, and years helping many others with discounted services.

Next Steps…

Contact me today if your Org. needs photographer services.